Like your Job AND your Life More

Rise_CVR_3D_300Well it’s finally available!

My new book

RISE: How to be really Successful at Work AND Like Your Life

It’s available on Amazon now.

We are doing a formal marketing launch to the general public in January, but for friends of Azzarello Group, I wanted to let you know early for two reasons.

1. Many of you wanted to get the book for your team for Christmas. (We just made it, whew!)

2.  I wanted to give you an early look, and an opportunity to join in the launch.  Here’s how…

A New Book Blog

I’ve created a new book blog (early stage, sneak-peek) where a community of thought leaders will contribute ideas and resources on Business Leadership and Personal Development.

There are already some really cool links and my top book recommendations on the RESOURCES page.

Among  the early posts will be some of my favorite classics like Bob Sutton’s Bullshit Bingo, and Margaret Heffernan’s, 10 Signs of Incompetent Managers.

There will be regular guest bloggers who are highly regarded experts in this space as well.

Please join the discussion!

I hope you will contribute as well.  There are many important ideas in the book like how to:

  • Be more effective, more strategic, a better leader, a better communicator, and a better networker.
  • Increase your value to your company and advance your career.
  • Fit your work into your life, so your life gets better.

Contribute your content

Contribute a review of the book.  Or write an article on one of the topics in the book. You can also contribute links to great related resources, blogs and websites you have found.

You’ll be getting exposure for your ideas and connecting with a community of like-minded people.

Many of you talk about expanding your professional network.  Here’s a great place to do it!

How to participate

1. Get the book.

2. Write a review or article – Feel free to include links to your business or service so we can all find you.

3. Send your article to me at

4. We will post your article on the blog

5. You can also post your ideas and links directly in the comment section of the blog posts. (Right now there is only one post, but feel free to comment there and get us rolling.)

Thanks so much!


PS. Contact me directly for volume orders of the book.

Here are some of the early review comments you’ll find on Amazon

In “Rise,” Patty Azzarello has done what no other successful executive before her has: analyzed, codified and recorded the steps and techniques required to achieve success in, and more importantly, to gain more fulfillment from one’s career.

This is real-world stuff. The book talks about the whole chain of how you get your first management job and takes you all the way through to managing, in her case, a billion dollar global business. Like she says in the section ‘Executive Confessions – “It’s OK to be scared. It’s not OK to get paralyzed by it.”

I read a lot of business/career books and they typically have 3 or 4 insights that I can take from them and use in my day job. I stopped folding pages back and highlighting passages in RISE because just about every page had a mark or a bent page..

book signing cropMy first book signing at the Fanzilli/Bauer dinner in New York City, Dec 7, 2010

You can find Patty at, follow her on twitter or Facebook, or read her books RISE and MOVE.

Thank You
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