Wanted to share this with you…

I was honored this week to be featured in Forbes in a regular column called “Women We Love”.

You can see the article here, or click through to read it on Forbes.com

The Original Marissa Mayer: How Patty Azzarello Became a Tech CEO at 38

By Emily Bennington, Forbes Contributor

“There’s a vital difference,” says Patty Azzarello, “between working hard and succeeding.” Read More

Maximizing Your Strengths

The Webinar:

This month’s Business Leaders’ webinar was on Maximizing Your Strengths

If you missed it you can 
download the podcast
download whole webinar
(which includes the presentation, and useful worksheets and templates.)
(more information below)

Here is what we talked about:

Enjoy Your Job (and Your Life) More

Satisfaction: If you want to feel great about yourself and like your work more, start here. Read More

The Answers…

Confused and stuck

When I was in college studying electronic engineering I did OK in most of the classes, but some were truly baffling.

There was one class in particular where I really struggled.

I sat through all the lectures, copied down all the equations that the teacher wrote on the board and took copious notes about what he was saying – to no avail…

My study partner/friend and I would spend hours on end slogging through the homework questions in the textbook trying to learn the material. Read More