Maximizing Your Strengths

The Webinar:

This month’s Business Leaders’ webinar was on Maximizing Your Strengths

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Here is what we talked about:

Enjoy Your Job (and Your Life) More

Satisfaction: If you want to feel great about yourself and like your work more, start here. Listen to the webinar and learn how to focus on your strengths.

Confidence: Focusing your work on your areas of greatest strengths increases your self confidence a huge amount. Don’t waste time on your weaknesses. The payoff is too small, and it’s no fun.

Advancement: Once you stop worrying about trying to be good at everything, and you get even better at what you are naturally good at, you will get more recognition and find that opportunities will open up.

Don’t take your strengths for granted

Human Nature: As humans we tend to take our strengths for granted because things that feel easy don’t feel impressive.

Lost opportunity: We talked about all of the issues you run into when you fail to appreciate your strengths — and how to overcome them.

Energy: We talked about how to find your best career by focusing on what gives you the most energy (and not feeling like you are failing if you don’t absolutely “love” your work).

Too much of a good thing: Sometimes you can use a strength to a fault. We talked about how to “budget” the use of your strengths so that you give yourself a true advantage.

Tuning Your Job

Negotiate: It’s up to you to negotiate your performance objectives in a way that puts you in your power alley. Change your job over time. We talked about how to do this by taking a lead role in your performance review.

Build a team: No one person can be good at everything, but a team can! Learn to work with others so that you are all using your strengths and benefiting from each others’ contributions. We also talked about aligning your strengths with your boss’s expectations.

Volunteer: Find and create opportunities to use your strengths — and get famous for doing so. You’ll find that you will attract more of that type of work over time (because you are good at it!) We discussed some examples of how to do this.

You have more control than you think

You have the opportunity to define how you work. By focusing on your natural strengths, you will feel happier and more confident, and you will succeed more.

Working in your areas of natural strengths feels great. Think about a time you were thriving at work. If you think about why, you’ll get some clues to your natural strengths.

Find your strengths: There are also pointers to strength assessments and exercises to help you discover your strengths included in the worksheets for this webinar.

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