Azzarello Group Client Stories

Every few weeks, I have conversation with someone who says, something like,

“I’ve been reading your blog and listenting to your webinars for years, do you ever do corporate work? ” or

“Do you ever consider doing speaking engagements?” or

“I didn’t realize you wrote a book!”

It makes me laugh because for more than 10 years, I’ve been thinking that I’ve done a better job communicating about those things than apparently I have!

Yes, yes, and 2.

It’s a great lesson about communicating.

And since so many people are joining the Azzarello Group community and coming from so many different places online and in the real world (thank you!), I thought I would use this one post to summarize and share the types of work that I do with my clients.

I’m really excited about my work with clients to help them improve their business and leadership.

I love seeing the positive results in their businesses and the increased engagement, confidence and motivation of their teams.

I wanted to share some examples with you. If you’d like to talk about any of this, just hit reply.

(I hate emails that don’t let you reply. I’m here. )

Keynote Speaking

“People are drawn to Patty’s no-nonsense, practical, often humorous stories of real world experiences about the realities running a business, advancing a career, and being a decent human being in the process.”

–Greg Austin, CMO

Leadership and Career Development Workshops

“Patty’s product is a profound yet practical, “next day” applicable framework with plenty of real world examples. Everyone walked out of the room extremely grateful and excited about what they can do differently in thier roles.”
— Saar Swartz, CMO, BMC Software

Corporate Annual Events – Speaking & Workshops

“Your talk was amazing and I had to hold myself back from standing up and applauding in the middle of it!”

— One of the attendees at this Fortune 500 annual meeting where I did the keynote

Strategy into Action – Executive Team Programs

Get your team focused, aligned and decisively executing strategy.

“Patty solves those execution problems that are holding you back. There will be aftershocks of revitalization and excitement in your business”.

–Barbara Nelson, CEO

Womens’s Leadership Groups – Speaking and Workshops

“Patty, you got all my internal gears turning in my work and in my life. You motivated me to be more confident and to be a better leader and person!”

–From the Oracle OWL Americas event

SO here’s the summary…


Companies bring me in both for speaking engagements, and to provide leadership development and strategy programs for tens (or hundreds) of their managers.

Customer Events & Annual Meetings: Keynotes & Workshops
Women’s Leadership Networks: Keynotes & Workshops
Leadership Development Workshops
Strategy into Action Programs


For individuals, I’m so pleased that the internet let’s me provide the same rich, quality content that my corporate clients get in the form of online programs and video courses.

Of course all these on-demand resources are also available to corporate groups.

Executive Mentoring Group
Business Leadership Masterclass
Personal Brand and Authentic Leadership Course

Concrete Actions

All the resources you’ll find at Azzarello Group offer practical, concrete ideas to move something forward in your organization, business, or own career.

Contact me if you want to talk about any of this!

I’d love to hear from you.

You can find Patty at, follow her on twitter or Facebook, or read her books RISE and MOVE.

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