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Corporate Leadership development workshops

Based on my own experience growing my career from entry level to CEO, I have developed a unique manager training program which helps leaders understand what it takes to thrive and contribute effectively at an exeuctive level.

This program is filled with important insights and practical advice that gets your leaders showing up in a stronger way and adding more value to the business. It motivates them and increases their confidence to step forward and take the personal ownership necessary to drive strategic change.

I have delivered this workshop to groups of leaders all over the world, and the unanimous feedback is that it is the most effective leadership development program available -- because it is full of real world, practical advice that people can (and DO!) implement immediately.

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Video-Based Executive Development Course

I'm excited to offer my new Business Leadership Masterclass, designed to help your leaders to step up to think and lead more strategically and to be more accountable to scale the business.

This unique video class can be scaled and customized to reach your leaders where ever they are in the world, with the topics most critical to your business right now. And it can include live coaching sessions with me.

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What clients say

Saar Shwartz, CMO at BMC Software

Watch Saar's Video Testimonial

Just put my team through a Patty Azzarello leadership training and the thank you notes keep overwhelming my inbox. I’ve been following Patty for over ten years and can honestly attribute my ongoing career growth to her insights. In my humble opinion, she is the best leadership and career development authority in market.

Patty relates to her audience by the fact that she has led many high-performing functions in sales, marketing, R&D, and general business. Her product is a profound yet practical, “next day” applicable framework with plenty of real world examples of do’s and don’ts. Her style is very approachable, and she is using humor in a way that creates an instant connection with her audience.

I have a very demanding and experienced team that often think that they know it all and have heard it all, all of which walked out of the room extremely grateful and excited about what they can do different in their roles.

I will be more than happy to take calls or answer any questions from anyone interested!