Strategy Execution & Executive Team Building

Strategy into Action

Moving an organization from talking about a strategic initiative to actually DOING it is fraught with obstacles, setbacks and stalls (and skepticism) – at every level in the organization.

No matter how important the strategic initiative seems when you talk about it, short term pressures and emergencies will always pop up and seem more important in the moment to resolve, than continuing the work on the long term initiative.

In my Strategy into Action Program, I will take your leadership team through a MOVE workshop where we will create a concrete, operating plan to support your strategy.

With a bias toward action and execution, your team will leave this session aligned on the strategy, with a plan to defend it against inevitable distractions. You’ll leave with a trackable, accountable execution plan, and the focus and clarity necessary to make sure the strategic work happens this time.

With optional follow up sessions, we can keep momentum and accountability in the strategic execution of your plan until it’s done.

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Executive Team Building

I can create a custom program to get your team working better together. We can improve your team’s alignment, focus, and communication habits.

We can also clarify the team values and develop a Team Brand so that your team shows up in a consistent and strong way with all your stakeholders: employees, peer organizations, management/board, internal and external partners and customers.

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