Safe conversation, dangerous business

Last week in my blog I suggested you stop wasting time having status meetings.

This week I want to extend the conversation suggest you resist the urge to hide in too much complexity and detail.

The reason people and teams fall into this is because complexity can make you feel smart and safe. Read More

Stop having status meetings! 5 better things to do instead

If you take the time to collect your team in a room together, the last thing you should do is review status.

Status review meetings

I think this is an organizational habit that takes root when new managers have a staff meeting because they think they should, and then they are not sure what to talk about, so they ask each person to give an update about their work. Read More

Caring about customer care

Comcast vs. AT&T

I have had a “Comcast experience” over the past 2 weeks (photo is of their actual “finished” job) which took me about an hour to clean up.

(They actually went so far as to put in about 8 cable ties to reinforce the most tangled areas, making it impossible to even shove the pile of wires aside without cutting everything apart.) Read More

Consensus or Command? Neither works!

The wrong terms

Throughout my whole career I kept hearing discussions about consensus vs. command and they always rubbed me the wrong way…

What actually works was never such a mystery to me.

The problem is that people would talk about consensus or command as the only two choices for management style. Read More

Leading Business Transformation

The Webinar:

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Why initiatives fail

Over the past year, my work with clients has focused me on the part of business that is about getting your organization to execute. Read More

Pseudo – "customer service" that people hate

Service or torture?

I am the type of person that buys a car and drives it forever.

My sturdy little BMW Z4 just passed 120,000 miles.

Today I found myself thinking a startling thought…

“When I get a new car, I don’t want to get a new BMW…I’d rather get a used one, because new BMW’s come with free maintenance for a few years and I don’t want to have to deal with BMW’s service department. Read More

Customer Service: Is it Cost or Care?

Customer Service

It all starts with one executive decision.

Every company has one, single, strategic decision to make about customer service. That decision is cost or care?

Here is what I mean:

If you make the decision for Cost:

You have made the decision to provide customer service only because you have to, and you want to do it at the lowest possible cost. Read More

Good Strategy, Bad Strategy: A Conversation with Richard Rumelt

In this month’s Business Leadership webinar I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Richard Rumelt about his book:

Good Strategy, Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why it Matters.

Below are some notes from our discussion.

You can download the Webinar here:


(Downloads are free to members of Azzarello Group)

The Book

First and foremost, get this book! Read More

4 Reasons Executives Fail at Strategy

The problem

Why do so many executives fail when it comes to executing on their strategy?

The problem — their involvement stops with the talking part.

They just expect it “to happen” once they communicate the strategy.

It’s as though they believe that people throughout the organization will suddenly understand what new work they have to do, that resources will be automatically re-assinged without any pain, and individuals will understand how to prioritize new tasks over current work, so it will just get done. Read More