Will Your New Product Win in the Market?

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This month’s webinar was on New Product Strategies to Grow Business.

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This is a good webinar to download if you want to:

  • Learn best practices for reducing market risk in new product design and development
  • Learn how to have the right conversations for customer input (and avoid having the wrong ones)
  • Understand where your true competition is coming from
  • Tune your launch strategy so your products win in the market

Interview with Beth Temple

This webinar was a special interview with Beth Temple, an expert on New Product Strategies.

Beth works with companies to build products and define business models across many industries. Some of her customers include: Target, Wells Fargo and HBO.

Beth has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and CNNMoney and is the author of a report called The New Product Economy, which you can download for free.

Beth shared some great insights and practical ideas about how to make sure that the new products you develop win in the market.

Here’s what we talked about in the webinar:

  • Why so many new products fail and how to avoid it
  • The useful kind of paranoia for a company to have
  • Creating a more deliberate process for new products in your company
  • How to structure (or unstructure) conversations with customers
  • How to really fulfill your launch promises to your customers

Winning with New Products

To many products live and die in the conference room.

Companies struggle to have the right conversations with customers, and fail to see their true competition when they get too wrapped up in their own brilliant ideas.

Beth defined a process that puts more rigor into thinking about, investing in, designing, and launching new products — which helps companies avoid these typical failures.

Your customers will tell you!

Beth talked about the right and wrong way to get the real insights you need from customers and how make that part of your company’s culture and standard processes. She also talked about how to be more realistic about the resources required to get a new product right.

Most new products fail because of either a lack of business fit or market fit, or as Beth commented, “drown in enthusiasm”, from having too many cooks in the kitchen.

If you want to maximize your success and minimize your risk, you need to be learning the right things from the market, as well doing the right things internally.

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You can find Patty at www.AzzarelloGroup.com, follow her on twitter or Facebook, or read her books RISE and MOVE.

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