Safe conversation, dangerous business

Last week in my blog I suggested you stop wasting time having status meetings.

This week I want to extend the conversation suggest you resist the urge to hide in too much complexity and detail.

The reason people and teams fall into this is because complexity can make you feel smart and safe. Read More

Leading Business Transformation

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Why initiatives fail

Over the past year, my work with clients has focused me on the part of business that is about getting your organization to execute. Read More

Debate or GO?

Debate Phase or GO Phase

Organizations waste a lot of time communicating badly.

They fall into the trap of talking about things that have already been decided, or not talking when input is genuinely needed.

Problem 1. People don’t speak up when they should

Executives don’t know all the answers (even if they act like they do). Read More

3 ways to screw up your business

Oops!!People, Process, and Profit

I had a mentor teach me that that business success was based on these three things in this order.  People, Process, Profit.

Do things on purpose

From decades of watching successful business leaders, lessons learned  from my own experience as a GM and CEO, and my work with business leaders today, I know that focused, proactive attention in these areas can help you reduce risk and go faster. Read More

Six Reality Checks

As a leader, it’s your job to deal with high level issues: strategies, abstractions, and financial models.  But if you spend all your time at that level, you can lose touch with reality. 

You get insulated from what is actually happening where the products and the services meet reality — where they meet the humans who build, sell, service, buy and use them. Read More