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Resist the Internet sometimes

Ok, right off the bat… If you are reading this blog in bed, stop now, turn your device off, do something else for now, and come back to the internet later…

I could probably end this blog right here, because this is the main point. Read More

Happiness & Time Management

happiness time 2

Schedule what is important to you

In getting ready for this month’s webinar on Managing Your Own Performance, I recalled a small epiphany I had many years ago: Time management is the key to happiness.

What I mean by this is simply that:

I have way more fun, when I make time on purpose to have fun. Read More

New is stressful

new is stressful

I want to share two important ideas that I learned from one of my key, long-time mentors, Jim Davis. These have proven to be profoundly valuable through my career.

Big Idea #1 – New is stressful

There was a time when I started a new, big, executive job, and the enormity of what I needed to learn was crushing. Read More

Why I am thankful for my childhood bullies

Bullied as a kid

I think many of us have the experience of being a misfit or an outcast as a child. I certainly do not have the corner on this. But with all the talk of bullying right now, it got me thinking about my childhood bullies and the ultimate impact that being bullied had on my life. Read More

2 ideas to suffer less on business travel

Business travel can be crushing.

Just like all of you road warriors, I’ve honed my approach for what to always have in my bag, how to best deal with planes, trains, and automobiles, ways of maneuvering various hotel annoyances, etc., but I’m not going to focus on those things today. Read More

Stress, Productivity & Happiness

Every month I do a webinar on a topic of business leadership and personal effectiveness as part of my membership program for business leaders.

This month’s webinar was on Stress, Productivity, and Happiness.

The live broadcast is always free an open to anyone. Read More

Stress, productivity and happiness

I’d like to make an announcement here on the blog, that I, Patty Azzarello, am not productive every single day.

I was sick this week and failed to get all kinds of things done that I had hoped to.

It got me thinking about blog post I wrote awhile back called “Your Brain on Stress…

If you haven’t read it, it’s worth a read. Read More

Maximizing Your Strengths

The Webinar:

This month’s Business Leaders’ webinar was on Maximizing Your Strengths

If you missed it you can 
download the podcast
download whole webinar
(which includes the presentation, and useful worksheets and templates.)
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Here is what we talked about:

Enjoy Your Job (and Your Life) More

Satisfaction: If you want to feel great about yourself and like your work more, start here. Read More

Ruthless Priorities & Guilt

The Webinar:

This month’s Business Leaders’ webinar was on Ruthless Priorities & Guilt.

If you missed it you can download the podcast or the whole webinar (includes presentation, worksheets and templates.
(more information below)

Here is what we talked about:

Ruthless Priorities

No one is helping you: Definining and sticking to Ruthless Priorities is one of the most important and hardest things we are asked to do as business leaders. Read More

Give up the Guilt

Ruthless Priorities

I often talk about the importance of Ruthless Priorities – You can download a free excerpt about this from my book, RISE.

But often, people say, “Patty, I am good at prioritizing, I do get the most important things done, but how do I deal with the guilt I feel about all the things I am not doing.”

Next week I am doing a free webinar on Ruthless Priorities (and Guilt). Read More