Negotiating Your Workload

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Negotiating Your Workload

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Here is what we talked about:

Negotiating your workload is NOT About: Complaining, not doing what your boss asks, or thinking you can avoid all 24×7 demands.

Negotiating your workload IS about: Thinking before doing, increasing the value of what you do and taking personal responsibility to make the work more valuable, and the work environment better.

How Bosses Think (or Don’t!)

Understanding what your boss does and doesn’t say

Establishing an achievable workload with a new boss

24×7 demands

In the webinar we talked about how to get super clear on what your boss wants and why it matters. We covered specific questions you can ask, and how to establish the right expectations.

Sometimes in a crisis or a deadline you need to work 24×7. But we talked about how to limit this, how to learn from it, and how to make it better and less painful next time.

Advise Your Executive

Catch vs. Do

Keep a List

Always have a recommendation

This is really the crux of this topic. The trick: you need to CATCH all the work but not necessarily DO all the work. Realize that your boss is delegating the thinking about the work, not just the work.

You need to think like an executive to figure out how to deliver the necessary outcomes, by sorting, prioritizing, and choosing the most valuable work, and the right way to do it. That is part of your job. One of the callers summarized this as going from “victim to accomplisher”. Thanks to Tim K for that!

Then you need to go to your boss with suggestions and solutions. We talked about how to keep a list that you can use a tool for the negotiating (included in the worksheets), and the importance of ALWAYS having a recommendation. Never ask your boss to solve a problem for you. That’s what you’re there for.

Building Credibility

Show the value of what you do

Share what you Finish

Avoid things that destroy credibility

Multiple Masters & Matrix Management

A big part of this topic is building your credibility as you negotiate a workload that is more meaningful and doable. It’s important to be able to proactively lead a business conversation about the value of what you are doing.

And don’t just finish things in silence. Communicate! We also talked about ways to use these techniques when you have more than one boss you are accountable to.

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