How to be more strategic

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of How to be More Strategic.

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The Disconnect

Executives always tell me that they wish their directors and mid-level managers would be more strategic. Then directors and mid level managers tell me that they don’t feel empowered and are overwhelmed with work.

As I have helped management teams work through this to gain alignment and set priorities, I have discovered some patterns which I talked about in this webinar.

Achieving strategic alignment among all the levels of managements is critical for scaling, and also for morale!

This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Better understand how executives think and what is expected of you
  • Develop more strategic leadership techniques
  • Negotiate your workload more effectively
  • Stand out by adding more value to the business
  • Communicate in way to build your credibility and Brand

1. What you Recognize about the work

Strategic leaders have a way of stepping back and judging whether or not what they have been asked to do is worth it. They are not limited by their job description. They see their job is more. They ask a lot of questions and always make a judgement about if the amount of time and effort a task will take to do, is worth it.

We talked about how to think about value and resist the temptation to just jump in and start doing the work. Treating all work requests equally could be a pretty good definition of what being strategic ISN’T!

2. How you think about the work

Strategic leaders are always questioning old habits looking for value. They don’t stay overwhelmed for very long. They figure out how to prioritize and make recommendations.

We talked about how to prioritize and create alignment so that you can turn the overwhelming workload into something that is both more valuable and also doable. Don’t try to do everything and die trying. Learn how to push back in a way that builds credibility and adds more value.

3. What you DO about the work

Strategic leaders solve problems, not just report them.

We talked about how to be more creative and innovative and how to think about personally conceiving of and leading the change that the business needs.

We talked about the difference between market facing strategy, and the additional strategic leadership behaviors needed to implement it.

4. How you COMMUNICATE about the work

Strategic leaders are communicators. You don’t have to be a showy communicator but you need to lead efforts to communicate insights throughout the organization.

We talked about what to communicate (not detail) and how to communicate (be a translator for each audience). We talked about the importance of making sure that insights are shared, and how to do it in the most productive and authentic way.

This webinar covers:

  • Strategic Disconnects. Ways leaders fail to be strategic
  • What you need to recognize about your work
  • How you need to think about and negotiate the work
  • The strategic way to approach what you DO about the work
  • How to communicate about the work at an executive level

Get started. Be more Strategic.

No one gives you permission to be more strategic even though they wish you would be! Don’t wait to be asked or directed. That’s what strategic leadership is. Recognize what the business needs and you take the lead. Don’t be limited by your job description. Question value. Question old habits. Make the work better. Seek and share information. Add value by sharing knowledge in relevant ways.

Your business needs you to step up.

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