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NEW: Patty’s Executive Mentoring Group

I wanted to use the blog this week to share with you the exciting news that I am launching my new Executive Mentoring Group.

This is an extension to the membership program that so many of you have participated in over the past 10 years. Thank you!

We are launching a brand new system which is modern and really fun and interactive to use, and we’ve expanded the contents to include not just a webinar and Coaching Hour Conference Call each month, but also a Monthly Challenge, and lots of other useful stuff.

The Monthly Challenge

Learning something is one thing, but putting it into action is entirely another.

These challenges are designed to take a topic each month, about business leadership and professional/career development, and give the tools, support and structure throughout the month to put the learning into action.

Each challenge will include a framework or a system to work from, tools, templates, scripts, weekly insights and reminders, and help with scheduling the key things you want to do to so you achieve a real benefit in your unique, personal situation.

Here’s a taste of the upcoming challenge on Authentic Networking:

I’m so excited about this new program because we have really expanded the value, not only with the Monthly Challenges, but with two free courses available to members. One on Ruthless Priorities, never before available to individuals, and another on Managing Your Boss.

One last chance to get the old price

I wanted to let you all know about the new program before we launched it so you would have an opportunity to sneak in at the old price before the price goes up next week.

EXISTING MEMBERS: You’ll get a chance to renew at the old price when your membership expires, so don’t worry!

For the past 10 years the membership program was priced at $179 for 1 year.

The new pricing is either $29/month or $269/annually.

I’ve added up the value of all the things you get in this program and it is over $4,000.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that I can offer the program so much more broadly (and help a lot more people!) at a much lower price.

So before the price goes up I wanted to give you all one last chance to join at the old price of $179 and get access to all of the new value for a year.
(That’s $90 off the new price!)

Just use the code WELCOME at checkout to get the discount.

Join Now and Get in on the November Challenge

So if you’ve been on the fence, thinking about joining, now is the time to do it, because the price goes up at the end of this week.

This program has helped so many people — and I love to help!

In addition to the webinars, monthly challenges, and free courses, there are many opportunities throughout the month to get support through member Q&A’s, Coaching Hour conference calls and a private facebook page (optional).

Career Breakthroughs. Better Life

It has been so gratifying over the past 10 years to see the breakthroughs that members have achieved in their careers. Raises, promotions, better jobs…better lives.

It’s why I do this.

I can remember so clearly what it felt like to be stuck, and to feel like I was not getting access to the opportunities that I wanted and deserved.

I see so many people feeling frustrated that they are working so hard, but not seeing the payoff they want and deserve.
I created this program to help.
And it helps.

Just use the code WELCOME at checkout to get the discount.

Corporate Programs

Also over the past 10 years there have been several corporations which have based their employee development programs on my membership.

It’s a great way to provide affordable, meaningful and personal development to your team. Contact me directly to talk about corporate rates.

Authentic Networking Webinar and Monthly Challenge

You can also register for the free webinar later today on Authentic Networking.

Anyone can call in and listen for free during the broadcast. And if you become a member, you can join our first monthly challenge on Authentic Networking starting November 1.

Thanks for reading this far, and let me know what you think.

I hope to see you soon in the Executive Mentoring Group!

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