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Take more control of how you work

In this month’s webinar we talked about how the most successful people rise above the work and add more value to the business.


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Here’s what we talked about:

Re-define your work

Add more value. Adding value = doing what the business values. We talked about how to map your work to key business initiatives, then tune how you work to have more impact. Don’t wait for your boss to do this for you.

Ruthless Priorities. Decide which things you will finish first and best. Map them to business value. Refuse to put them at risk.

Do less stupid stuff. We talked about a number of time wasters and how to eliminate them such as: The “don’t do” list, improving poor communications, and leaving certain things unresolved.

Negotiate your workload

Don’t do everything. Your company can absorb an unlimited amount of work from you and not really care. You be the one to make sure you get to focus on important things.

Educate your executive. Push back. We talked about how to build credibility by catching all the work, but then analyzing it and making recommendations back to your boss about how to prioritize it.

Responsive or Reactive. We talked about the difference between being known for being responsive on the most important things vs. reacting to everything.

Own the outcome

Situation + Response = Outcome. We talked about how teams get stuck endlessly talking about the situation (admiring the problem), and how to break through this by focusing on the outcome and action plan (response).

Don’t add weight. Get known as someone who “takes weight away”. Always move the business forward. Defining and owning outcomes is one great way do this.

Recognition and Satisfaction

Stand out: Get known for driving important outcomes, not just doing work. Upgrading your work to be more strategic will build upon itself and you will find yourself being engaged in even more strategic work over time.

Increase YOUR value: By tuning your work to have greater value to the business, you will find yourself more valued, and your work will feel more satisfying.

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