The reason for my absence in August…


My New Book MOVE: Available March 1, 2017

MOVE: How Decisive Leaders Execute Strategy Despite Obstacles, Setbacks & Stalls

I’m very excited to share the news with you that my new book MOVE is being published by Wiley, and will be available March 1 !

Thank you for noticing

In late July I got the great news from Wiley, and a deadline for the final draft of September 1. Yikes!

In early September several of you contacted me and said, “Patty, I noticed your blog has been somewhat intermittent recently. What is happening?”

I have to say this:

It is truly an honor that you read my blog and follow my work, but it’s an amazing thing that you anticipate it and notice it when it is absent! And in August, no less!


What I learned about Ruthless Priorities

In August I set 3 Ruthless Priorities for myself.

1. Finish the book
2. Exercise every day
3. Practice speaking Italian every day

This deadline was a great experience for me to walk the talk. I always talk about Ruthless Priorities as being: the few things that you refuse to put at risk.

It’s not that you need to stop doing everything else entirely when you have Ruthless Priorities — it’s just that you tolerate some risk in those other things, so that you can fiercely protect the few things you have chosen to not put at risk.

So what happened?

1. I realized that there was finite amount of creative work and writing that I could do at any point in time. So the book got finished and my blog suffered.

2. I experienced running out of hours in the day for most of August, so my general responsiveness suffered a bit as well.

3. I had a trip to Italy planned before I got the deadline. I considered canceling it, as I was indeed being Ruthless about making sure I did not put the book at risk. But I decided that I would still go to Italy. I would work as much as I needed to — and if nothing else, eat well while I was there! And I could practice speaking Italian with some actual Italians.

And that’s what I did! I worked on the flights, and cancelled most of my sight-seeing and meet-ups with friends, but I still went.

And here is a picture from one evening when I got out of the apartment and worked in a more pleasing spot for awhile.

And you can take a peek at the table of contents!


The result: I stuck to all of my Ruthless Priorities!
You noticed my absence online. Thank you again for noticing, and thank you for your patience.

And the book is finished!

MOVE: A fresh, practical, human perspective on business execution

I’m really excited about sharing MOVE with you as I have not seen this book out there, and it it’s full of really useful stuff.

I’ve led many transformations and turn arounds in my career, and I have helped many clients put their strategic intentions into action. And in doing so I’ve learned a lot along the way.

So much of what it takes to be successful is to understand that you can lead a transformation from the top, but you can’t DO a transformation from the top. You need EVERYBODY.

Transformations stall for many reasons, but the primary one is that it’s really hard!

It’s really hard to get a whole organization to stop doing what they are currently doing, and to start doing the new stuff that they need to be doing.

It’s just so much easier for everyone to stick to what they know. So your strategy stalls.
It’s not that people actively disagree, they just don’t get around to doing it!

So many organizations fail to do the things necessary to move their teams from talking about the new, exciting, hoped-for outcome in the future to DOING it — And not just starting it, but sticking to doing the new work over a long period of time.

The beginning is easy. Everyone is excited at the beginning. And the end seems easy. The goal at the end seems so clear and important that it’s hard to imagine not doing it.

But then…. there is the MIDDLE. And the middle is a LONG TIME…

“Are we still doing this?”

It’s hard enough for one person to keep doing something new and difficult for a long time, let alone a whole organization! So you need lots of tools keep your team going forward through the long Middle so that you can realize the value of your transformation.

Transformation does not happen without the element of time. And time is the enemy of action.

In the book I describe my MOVE model for putting a strategy into action in a very practical and doable way. Any manager can use MOVE to make sure the whole organization, at all levels, is ready, willing, and motivated to move the business forward.

You can pre-order!

I’ll be telling you more about MOVE over the next weeks and months, and also sharing some exciting pre-order promotions where you can get other stuff for early orders.

But if you can’t wait, you can pre-order your copy now using the links below (and still qualify for the extra stuff!)

Just make sure to hang on to your receipt so that you can take advantage of the pre-order benefits when I announce them soon.



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You can find Patty at, follow her on twitter or Facebook, or read her books RISE and MOVE.

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