Managing Effectively in Difficult Situations

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Managing Effectively in Difficult Situations.

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The tough situations require the most leadership

As I grew my own career and took on bigger and bigger leadership roles, when I would encounter a truly ugly, stressful, and seemingly impossible situation, I always had the thought of, “I guess this is what leadership is really for”.

When everything is going great, you do need some leadership skills to keep projects and programs on track, but when it all goes horribly wrong, that’s when you truly need to lead!

This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Deal with a tough situation with bosses, employees, or peers
  • Improve your self confidence when dealing with challenges
  • Push back and effectively negotiate with high credibility
  • Better understand how to manage teams going though tough times
  • Have difficult conversations when necessary

All leaders face tough challenges – It’s good to have a strategy

In this webinar, I focused on 5 of the toughest leadership challenges that we as leaders all face at one time or another. These are the situations that also come up most frequently in my Coaching Hour calls for my FORWARD program for professional development.

I wanted to share specific ways of thinking about tough situations and give you practical and specific ideas to deal with them.

This webinar covers how to:

  • Serve multiple over-demanding bosses
  • Manage a team whose work you don’t understand
  • Deal with a manager who is micro-managing you
  • Push back when there is too much work or not enough resources
  • Deal with problem performers

Increase your effectiveness and decrease your stress

In each of these areas, I outlined what makes it so hard, and gave specific ideas for how to manage it.

I talked through how to focus on the right outcomes through the conflict, and how to avoid making it worse!

I shared ideas for how to most effectively communicate and how to create the kind of clarity which removes the difficult, emotional content from the situation.

Leadership is not about getting your job done when everything lines up to support you.
Leadership is figuring out a way to get your job done when everything lines up to kill you!

Once you get your mind around this fact and begin to treat these challenges the same was as you would treat any other project, with specific plans and strategies to overcome them, you’ll be on the right track.

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