Leading Business Transformation

This month’s webinar was on Leading Business Transformation.

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Leading Business Transformation

This is a useful webinar to download if you need to:

  • Get a strategic initiative off the ground and make it stick
  • Get stronger engagement and motivation from your team
  • Keep important work on track despite urgent crises and demands
  • Make sure your team and strategy are tuned for success

Get there this time!

Lead successful change by getting enough people doing what the business truly needs.

Getting your whole organization to do something different than they are already doing, and then sticking to it for the long term, is one of the most difficult things in business, and it’s one of the hardest challenges a leader faces.

As leaders, we need to figure out how to keep our strategic change alive and moving forward without constant management intervention.

How do we make the whole organization not only own the change, but have the ability and the motivation to keep it going?

The MOVER Model

As an executive, General manager and CEO, I have personally led several business turn-arounds and transformations and built many successful management teams.

And as an advisor to my clients, I have worked with many more management teams on successfully executing their strategy.

I have spotted patters for what blocks successful execution and what makes it go, and from that I have created the MOVER model which defines 5 steps for how to get and keep your whole organization moving forward.

In this 40-minute webinar I shared some key insights from each step.

M = Mid Term Measures

A good strategy defines what you do and measure, particularly in the middle.

The middle is the hard part. Strategies are often stated in end goals. An end goal, no matter how inspiring it is, is not enough. What it gives you is list of hoped-for outcomes, not an actual path forward. A real strategy describes what you will DO. What you will DO describes what happens the middle and how you will measure it.

Without the right mid-term measures you don’t have a real strategy. And while you are in the middle, without the right measures, you can’t know if you are making progress. And if you can’t see that you are making progress, you will most likely not keep going. Everyone will stay very busy with what they are already doing, and your transformation will stall.

O = Organization

Are you leading the team you need or the team you have?

One of the tough things about a business transformation is that when you initially sign up to do something different, in that moment you still have the same people. Usually the new thing is bigger, more sophisticated, or more challenging in some way.

One of the ways I see organizations get stuck is that they try to do the new stuff with the old people. Not everyone will be capable of what the new way requires. Not everyone will be able to step up. Your job as a leader is not to make the best of the team you have, but to build the team you need.

V = Valor

You have to stick to it, every day, with every decision you make

This part of the model is about the leader having the grit, persistence and guts to stick with the change when everyone is losing confidence, questioning you, and presenting emergencies that seem more important in the moment. I see too many leaders undermine their strategic initiatives and sacrifice the long term effort by over-reacting to short term pressures.

Your team will naturally be skeptical, because let’s face it, so many strategic initiatives have been abandoned before. Your team will be inclined to wait it out. So as a leader, you need to be brave and focused and keep reinforcing decisions to move forward when everyone is tempted to react to short term pressures.

E = Everyone

Everyone. Not just management. Everyone. This is critical.

Your commitment to communication is critical. And you need to change how you think about communicating. Real engagement happens when it’s not just top-down communication from you, but involves a conversation – from (E)veryone. You know you have communicated successfully when you are not the only one communicating!

You know it’s working when the whole organization is talking about the new strategy amongst themselves, without your involvement, because the new way has become part of the social fabric of the organization.

R = Resource Reality

Your strategy is where you put your resources.

If you want to know what your strategy is, look at your budget. That will speak loud and clear about what you are actually doing regardless of what you say your strategy is. The problem is that getting clarity about where the resources come from causes conflict, and people tend to avoid conflict. But without assigning resources clearly to the new stuff, you’ll never even start. You need to work through the productive conflict and make the specific decisions about resources unambiguously clear to (E)veryone.

Worksheets included

The worksheets and templates for this webinar support the MOVER model and help you with your assessment and progress.

  • MOVER assessment and overview
  • Mid Term Measure Brainstorming
  • Outcome-oriented Organization planning template
  • Obstacle analysis and action planning
  • Messaging framework to engage employees
  • Resource reality checklist

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