Career Checklist

Here is a useful checklist of the things that make the difference between careers that break through and careers that stall.

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DO Better

Are you working on the right things?

  • Can you explain how your company makes money?
  • Can you show specifically how your work is adding value to the business?
  • What percentage of time do you work on key initiatives, vs. stay busy with tactical activity?  What should it be?
  • Do you have the ability to stop doing things that have a lower payoff?

Are you working in the right way?

  • Are you a work-horse? Does the work just keep getting piled on because you do it so well?
  • How much time do you schedule for yourself to think?  How much should you?
  • What things do you do things specifically to make more time and make room?
  • What do you do to manage your energy?

Are your working at the right level?

  • Do you delegate well?  Do you jump in and do work for your team?
  • Do you ever “cover” for work your team does that is not good enough?
  • What are the top 3 critical leadership tasks to be done at your level?
  • How do you measure if you are creating value in the business or just delivering work?
  • Do you find ways to reduce the cost of doing what you did last year?
  • What are you learning about this year on top of your job description?
  • What are the learning goals you have set for your team this year?
  • Do you have the right team?  Do you need to upgrade your team?
  • What do you do on purpose to build trust through your behaviors and communications?

LOOK Better

  • How do you create positive visibility for the work you and your team do?
  • Do you know who all of your stakeholders and influencers are?
  • Who are the people who have a say in what happens to you (even if you don’t interact directly)?
  • Do you know what you are known for?  Is it what you want?  Do you know why?
  • Do you do things to build your credibility on purpose?
  • How well do you know your boss’s boss? Your boss’s peers?
  • How do you learn what is most relevant to your business stakeholders?
  • Do you know how they would describe it?  What words would they use?
  • Do you focus as much effort on how you sell your ideas as the ideas themselves?
  • What is your process to regularly communicate with people outside your organization?


  • Do you have mentors?
  • What sort of mentors are most necessary to help you meet your goals?
  • Are you a mentor?
  • Do you regularly GIVE things to people in your network?
  • Do you do networking naturally?
  • How much time do you spend doing proactive networking? How much should it be?
  • Do you have relationships with people who challenge and fuel your imagination?
  • Do you regularly interact with people in other organizations an industries to get fresh perspectives?
  • Do you tend seek out help when you need it?
  • What is your strategy to grow your network?
  • What kind of network is expected for the next job you want?
  • How many people who don’t work for you, would do work for you if you asked?

Want some help with all this?

If you’d like to get some more insight and support for how you can attack this list to position yourself better, be more effective, and get a bigger payoff in your career, I offer a unique opportunity to a small group of people to spend a day with me.

We work on building your personal plan to grow your career, raise your game as a leader, create your Personal Brand, increase your influence, and grow your network.  It’s a small group, so it is personalized to you.

I can’t do many of these workshops any more, due to the rest of my business commitments, so I do only two public sessions per year now.   

I have only 6 seats left in my next session on October 22 in San Mateo.

If you come I guarantee you will get at least one life-changing idea, and dozens of practical things you can start doing tomorrow to get more of what you want out of your work.

I share, from my personal experience, and everything I learned from smart people along the way, what things will have the biggest impact on your success, and which things are a waste of time and will get you stuck.

It’s been wonderful to hear the stories about the big promotions, and the career and life changing events that people have been able to create for themselves as a result of this workshop.

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There are only 6 seats left and the next session will not be until April or May of next year.

If you can’t make it to San Mateo, you can also get this workshop on DVD.


You can find Patty at, follow her on twitter or Facebook, or read her books RISE and MOVE.

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