10 Ideas to Make More Time


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Make More Time

Take control of your time

1. It’s up to you. No one other than you has any motivation whatsoever to make YOU less busy.  Your boss, your team, and your peers only benefit from your endless output.

2. Pick the right FEW things
to do, and do them really well.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the activity of your job. Choose your activities to be the ones that support the most critical business outcomes.

3. Delegating: You can’t get there without delegating.  Think about delegating not as just assigning work, but as freeing yourself up to add even more value.

Create More Time – Do More Smart Stuff

4. Just take some time back. Schedule time for yourself and HIDE to think and work on the most important things.  If you don’t hide the activity will know where to find you.

5. Shift some time from activity/working to thinking/planning time.  Work ON your business not just IN your business.  Thinking of improvements and efficiencies helps make even more time.

Clear the Deck – Do Less Stupid Stuff

6. Seek and Destroy Chaos: deal with bad meetings, bad communications, and bad working habits.  Make the container smaller and time-box low value activities.

7. Resist temptation to solve and resolve things that don’t matter.  Don’t use time on things that don’t achieve critical business outcomes, even if they are more fun to work on.

Optimize the Time You Have

8. Manage your energy: Deal with being overwhelmed, get over disappointment quickly, make things easier on yourself not harder.

9. Improve working habits: Get better at using “in between” times, and don’t spend “prime time” on low value activities.

10. Magic: If you can align your FEW Priorities with where you have natural strengths it’s magic. You can and get more done, have a big impact, and you’ll make time because you can go fast when you are doing things you are really good at.

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