Are you a good manager?

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Are You a Good Manager?.

are you a good manager

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This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Assess yourself or your team: How good are you at being a manager?
  • Get a clear outline of the intangible factors that make someone a great manager
  • Improve yourself, or train someone on your team to be a better manager
  • Create a development framework for managers in your company
  • Prepare for a job interview for a management position — at any level

Here is what we talked about:

Are YOU a good manager?

This is a special and really important webinar, and I thought it was a really good topic to start the year on

There is nothing you can do to improve the bottom line of your business more than to make sure that all your managers are good managers. (some research on this)

But what makes a good manager?

I spend a lot of time on this topic. Through my workshops with clients I help educate and motivate their leaders to think and work more strategically, improve their management skills and to develop a strong personal leadership strategy.

Also in my work I get to hear about a lot of really bad managers. People are suffering out there!

Where do you land?

The webinar:

I put together this webinar to give a practical overview of what makes a good manager.

It outlines the basics of great management and provides many ideas for action to help people become better managers. The webinar also includes definitions of the more intangible traits of great managers.

This webinar: Are you a good manager? is one that I wish I had access to years ago, when I was learning how to be an effective manager and leader of people.

I had to learn this stuff through many years of trial and error! I’m happy now, to be able to share what really works with you.

What the webinar covered:

1: People: Get the intangibles right

Being a good manager, first and foremost, is about people and team. It’s about building the right team, fit for a clear purpose, and enabling and motivating the individuals and the team to function well.

I had an employee who worked in my organization years ago send me a note that said, “When I worked for you I felt like superman”.

Wow. You can’t say it better that than. So that has become my measure.

A good manager will make their people feel like super-heroes.

There are specific things you can do that build trust, empowerment and motivation. We talked about ways to delegate and to make sure that people feel that their work is important and recognized.

2. Strategy and Execution

So many executives tell me that they need their managers to take more proactive ownership of problems and opportunities.

They need their managers to think and work more strategically. They need them to personally step up to solve problems and lead improvements without being asked or directed.

Good managers also step up and lead the stuff no one else is seeing.

Great managers know that they need to think beyond what they are working on and take a bigger view of the problems that are presented to them. The webinar covered specific questions and techniques to do this.

3. Improvement

Of course, predictable execution is important, but a big part of being an effective manager is to make sure that the team also develops. We talked about how to make sure you lead your team to get better at what they do over time.

If you only deliver, but don’t increase the capability of your team, you are not doing your whole job as a manager.

4. Credibility and Team Brand

Managers also need to be effective spokespeople for the business and their team. A manager can not opt out of communicating. They need to find productive ways to share the value of what their team delivers.

A good manager is always sharing relevant information and building broad support for their team.

A Manager’s Checklist

This webinar provides an excellent checklist for any manager to rate how effective they are being, and to find out where they can improve.

It is a great tool for a development plan, OR to prep for an interview.

This webinar is loaded with valuable resources.

It includes the outline of what it really takes to be an effective manager, as well as specific “manager actions” in 10 key areas, about how to do it.

And it includes worksheets and templates on delegating, prioritizing, negotiating, communicating and performance management.

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