The non-secret to revenue growth and innovation

This month’s webinar was on Optimizing Revenue Growth and Innovation.

I was joined by business and sales strategy expert, Resa Pearson who talked about how to grow sales, and fuel innovation by involving your best sales people. This was such an important and valuable conversation!

If you missed it, you can download the podcast!

Optimizing Revenue Growth
This is a useful webinar to download if you need:

  • Your marketing team to have a bigger impact
  • Your sales force to sell more, and have a stronger, more consistent message to your customers
  • To improve your C-level customer experience, and the value they see in your offers
  • To Increase innovation in your product development efforts

Follow your best sales people

I really can’t do justice to Resa’s ideas in this summary! You should listen to the interview.

In our discussion, Resa delivered the rocket fuel so many companies are missing in their go to market activities and investments.

She asked, “When you launch a product and the results are not what you hoped, how do you determine what the problem is??

The answer is not obvious. If it were obvious, your launch team would have caught it. The answer is subtle. But the answer is not a secret. Your best sales people can tell you, and they can lead you to success in your market.

Listening to sales

Resa talked about how it’s hard for companies to listen to sales, because the input is scattered and anecdotal. And often there is a skepticism or a distrust of sales, who are thought to be too short-sighted to warrant an important strategic conversation.

But she also talked about how…

the most important strategic conversations are happening every day, out in the field with your customers

…and if you don’t find a way to tap into this, you miss the hightest quality, and most potentially transforming information you can feed into your strategy.

How to do it

Resa gave some excellent, concrete examples of how you can structure the conversation with sales, test the ideas with clients, and tune your product strategy and launch plans to be a more exact fit with what customers will be motivated to buy.

I was listening to her thinking, “That is bullet proof!”.

She noted, that yes…

It’s like a hidden secret that is just sitting there right out in the open!

Go to the edges

Resa closed by encouraging all of us to go to Sales to tell us about the edges of our corporate world, the seam that connects our business to that of our customers. They see it first and they often want it most. Listen to them and you can accelerate both your innovation and your transformation.

What the webinar covers

This webinar covers how to grow sales, and fuel innovation by involving your best sales people

Resa talked about:

  • The important concept of “the marshes” and how the most transformation happens at the edges of your business
  • She covered how to:

  • Optimize your marketing and sales investments to generate more revenue
  • Create truly compelling sales tools to “clone your best sales people”
  • Create a repeatable process to get the right customer insights into your business
  • Use you best sales people’s customer conversations to drive innovation

Special Q&A Segment

This special interview-webinar did not have worksheets, but the complete webinar package includes the podcast of the interview and also the podcast of a fascinating Q&A with Resa where she talked about:

  • How to apply this process in your organizations
  • How to create a “sales playbook” to get all of your reps selling like the superstars
  • How to drive the adoption of sales enablement tools throughout the sales force when they are overwhelmed wiht stuff

About Resa Pearson

Resa Pearson is an experienced sales and marketing strategist. She runs a a consulting practice working with large technology and B2B market leaders at the board and executive staff level.

Resa has a unique ability to work with a business to find the most important strategic contexts to drive success in a given market situation
…and then apply that insight by creating high value tools and programs that drive real change.

Her company, Pearson & Co., develops contextual selling tools like sales playbooks and campaigns, and content marketing programs that are considered best in class.

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