Marketing & Positioning Yourself

This month’s webinar was on Marketing & Positioning Yourself.

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This is a useful webinar to download if you need to:

  • Prepare for a job search or interview
  • Go after a promotion in your own company
  • Prepare for your annual performance review
  • Build a compelling, go-to library of career-management materials
  • Be seen as your best, authentic self, more frequently and consistently

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You are more than a list of skills and experience

I have interviewed hundreds of candidates for management and executive positions. The ones who stand out are the ones who do not appear as trying to be impressive!

Instead they are the ones who are able to present their real, authentic self in a concise and compelling way.

And they are the ones who reveal something of themselves beyond their resume, so you come away feeling like you know them. You know what they stand for, what they care about and why, and you get a sense of how they will do the job because they share their experience in the right way.

If you want to advance your career, it is so important that you plan ahead and are able to communicate about yourself in a purposeful way.

Hint: When you authentically talk about something real that you are proud of, you show up at your best.

Create a plan and marketing package to show your best self

There are so many more facets to communicating about yourself and building confidence in you and your work than a resume.

We talked through how to create a plan and marketing package to present your best self consistently.

You need to add personal stories, thought leadership materials, and a clear definition of your offer and its value to each audience.

You need to think through your personal playbook, and use it create the right bio and elevator pitch.

And you need to present yourself online in a purposeful and thoughtful way.

What do you Offer?

It is also vitally important the shift your thinking from what you want to what you offer. In the webinar we talked about how to craft your offer so that you stand out among others who are merely “going after the job they want”.

Getting in front of the right audiences

Many people think that they need to change companies in order to get a promotion.

One of the reasons is because the interview process puts you in front of the decision makers at another company, and gives you a chance to sell yourself to them.

The trick is to get yourself in front of the decision makers in your own company — and be prepared to sell yourself to them.

We talked about how to get on the list of people who are considered for promotions and how to present your offer to them in the right way.

Here’s what the webinar specifically covers:

Learn how to present your best, authentic self more frequently and consistently – on purpose

Learn how to:

  • Think strategically about your career and yourself as a product to be marketed
  • Prepare the right marketing tools and materials to support your goals
  • Get really clear about your value, your playbook and your offer
  • Build your Best Stories to achieve specific outcomes with key audiences
  • Get in front of the right audiences the most compelling way
  • And more…

Worksheets included

The worksheets and templates for this webinar will guide you to build a great marketing package to present yourself in a clear and compelling way.

  • Finding and and defining your Playbook
  • Target audience analysis
  • Defining your Professional Offer
  • Basic Marketing Materials Checklist
  • Your Bio and Elevator Pitch outlines
  • Your Best Stories outline
  • Thought Leadership brainstorming
  • Getting on THE LIST

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