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Time Challenges

1. Everyone is too busy. The most successful people were not the ones who were less busy along the way.  They figured out how to get the most important, valuable stuff done even though they were overwhelmed with work too.

2.  This is HARD. Remember, your job as a leader is not just to do good work when things line up to support you in getting the job done.  It’s to find a way to get the right stuff done when everything lines up to kill you — THAT’s what the job of a leader is.

Change your Job

3. Your job description is just a starting point. As a leader, you are expected to re-invent your job to be the job that needs to be done, not just the job that is given to you.  We  talked about how to tune and connect your work to key business priorities to ensure your work really matters.

4. You can’t do everything that is asked of you and succeed. We talked about how you need to “catch” all the work and satisfy your boss, without actually “doing” all the work.   Learn  to analyze, and prioritize your workload so you make some room to get the most important stuff done.

5.  Do more smart stuff. We talked about working at the right level and the importance of strategic thinking, planning, communicating, processes, and more high value ways of working.  You must give yourself time to think about your workload, not just work on it.

6. Do less stupid stuff. What work do you get caught up in that is at the wrong level?  We talked about how to identify repetitive tasks, chaos, and reactive activities, and eliminate them from your work.

How to say NO and maintain credibility

7.  What if it’s your boss’s fault? How do you deal with a boss who just keeps piling the work on, and expects everything to get done right now?  We discussed some ideas to get your boss to back off, and see that it’s right for the business.

8. Negotiating your workload: We talked about how to negotiate your workload with your boss and other stakeholders so they understand the value of what you ARE doing, vs. being upset about what you are NOT doing.

9. Stakeholder Communications. You need support of your boss, your team, and your peers and partners.  How to build a communication plan to make sure that there are no surprises, and avoid attacks and judgment about what you are not doing so you build credibility, instead of being known as someone who says, NO.

Deal with Fire Drills

10.  Get ahead of the chaos. Proactively deal with pressures that throw you off course.  We talked about how to budget the right amount of time and to shield and protect resources.   You need to deal with the inevitable urgent demands and fire drills without risking the most significant work.

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