Building Trust and Motivation

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Building Trust and Motivation.

building trust

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Don’t leave trust to chance!

Most people would say that trust is a good thing, and that it is good for motivation and business. But I did this webinar because I also see that many leaders leave trust to chance. It’s important to remember that trust doesn’t happen automatically in an organization.

The only things that happen automatically in an organization are entropy and employees getting nervous.

You need to do stuff on purpose if you want to maintain a positive atmosphere of trust in your organization — which you need to do because trust drives action.

This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Understand the value of trust and how it works in a company
  • Learn how 5 specific behaviors that build or degrade trust
  • Motivate and develop a loyal team without a lot of money
  • Make your communications more effective to drive action
  • Build a more authentic (and comfortable) leadership style

The webinar

In this webinar: Building Trust and Motivation you’ll get ideas for understanding how trust works in an organization, the big opportunity and advantages gained from getting it right, and the risks of getting it wrong. And of course, I shared lot’s of practical ideas for what to do!

There is no neutral…

You are either building trust or destroying it. There is no neutral. If you do nothing or leave trust to chance, trust will bleed out of your organization.

You need to invest in behaviors that build trust on purpose, every day.

Here’s a summary of what the webinar covers:

  • The trust bank account – how it works
  • 5 things that build or degrade trust
  • Your role as a leader in building trust
  • Communications that grow or damage trust

1. Trust is Personal Authentic

It all starts with one person trusting another person. There is no trust initiative you can roll out and expect people to hop on board.

Some leaders engage in a personal authentic way, and others don’t.

For all of the introverts out there, this is not about sharing your deep personal secrets at work, it’s about not being or treating others like work robots. People trust people. People don’t trust work robots.

In the webinar I shared some personal stories of hits and misses and some ideas to make connections that build trust in way that feels authentic and comfortable. For awhile early in my career I thought that being all work made me credible and powerful. It didn’t.

2. Consistent, Effective Communications

There is nothing more important to building trust than communicating. Consistently.

We talked about what people need to hear from you and how you can make sure that your communications don’t undermine what you need your team to focus on.

You need to show up. Clarity, consistency, reliability are all trust builders. Absence of communication is the #1 trust destroyer. Don’t expect people to just know stuff. Communicate.

3. Clear Measures and Follow-through

Treating people equally destroys trust.

In the webinar I gave several examples of how to differentiate between high, average and low performers.

Fairness builds trust. Remember everyone is watching.

4. Context and Connections

One way I see a lot of leaders miss opportunities to build trust or actively rob the bank account is by keeping the important information and connections only to themselves.


5. Recognition and Appreciation

Acknowledgement goes a long way. In the webinar I shared some stories about how I learned about the value of acknowledgement, and the tremendous pay off it has for putting equity in the trust bank account.

Sadly, acknowledgement is a rare commodity among many business leaders. I’m not sure why because it’s so very damaging to skip it, and it’s so very effective (and totally free) when you do it consistently.

I shared some ideas for how to make sure you are not missing opportunities to give acknowledgement and make connections for people in a way that is very useful and rewarding.

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