A note to leaders


Do you ever find yourself stepping in for your people to do their strategic thinking?

When there’s ambiguity, does your team need too much direction from you?

Do you wish they could prioritize better and solve bigger problems on their own?

Make your job easier

I wrote my new book RISE to help people to step up — to think, work and lead more strategically.

Today, I would make RISE required reading for everyone that works for me because it’s shares what I need them to know in a very straightforward and actionable way.

Everyone on your team should read this book.

I realize that I might lose some credibility saying that, given that I wrote it!

But I’m hoping I can win back a couple of credibility points based on the fact that I have been a CEO and a General Manager myself, and one of the things I was best at was developing leaders.

I guarantee if everyone on your team reads this book, your life will get easier.

It will make your leaders stronger and your business perform better. They will take ownership of their own development and develop their teams.

And they will be motivated and thank you for it because it’s full of big, personal career insights, and practical steps they can take right now.

Review the book for FREE

So here’s the deal…

I will give you 2 review copies of RISE for free.

If you decide to buy it for your team you can order it at discounted, corporate volume pricing.

All you need to do is send me an email at rise@AzzarelloGroup.com and let me know:

  • The name of your company
  • Your name
  • Your title
  • The number of people you’ll order books for after reviewing it (minimum 10)
  • Your physical mailing address to ship the 2 review copies

Your 2 review copies will be sent right away.

There is no risk or obligation.

If you don’t agree this is a valuable development tool, keep your two copies, and just send me your feedback.

Or order now

Order books now for your organization at the corporate, volume-discounted rate.

It’s really quite a small, no-risk invest, with a potentially large and long-lasting payoff. (And you will get points for investing in employee development.)

Read the reviews on Amazon

Thanks, Patty

Check out a short video about Rise…
RISE…How to Be Really Successful at Work AND Like Your Life.


You can find Patty at www.AzzarelloGroup.com, follow her on twitter or Facebook, or read her books RISE and MOVE.

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