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First of all, Happy Holidays!!

If you are ready to start thinking about what you want next year… read on.

Otherwise, it will keep. Save this for later, and enjoy your time with vacation, family and friends.

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This is a good webinar to download if you want to achieve something different in your career (and life) next year.

Pick a goal that really means something to you personally.

Then do something about it.

Here is what we talked about in the webinar:

1. Do you have the career you want?

If you don’t do some things on purpose to create a change, it’s too easy to just keep working the same way. The new year starts. The same work continues.

We talked about some key checkpoints and considerations to really assess your current job in the context of your larger desired outcomes.

We talked about some ways to figure out what is the best fit for your personal strengths, gifts and energy, and to determine what is possible for you.

Action idea: Make a note of your best successes this year. What were you most proud of? Don’t let your accomplishments fade from memory. Have them at your fingertips in the future.

Other webinars that might help you decide and get what you want:

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2. Are you growing?

We talked about the key checkpoints to make sure you are doing 2 things:

1. That you are adding enough value to your business, and
2. That you are growing personally.

Action idea: Take the time to document goals for what you want to improve next year. Think about goals for yourself, and with family and your team. Revisit goals in your business plan.

What will you be better at next year? How will you and your team be more capable? What will you start doing? What will you stop doing?

Action Idea: A meeting I like to have with my team is to discuss, “What stupid stuff are we doing that we should stop?”

This year I have a few, key specific business goals, but my “What will I be better at next year?” is getting better at targeted networking and crowd sourcing ideas for my next book.

And I have a personal goal of doing 50 consecutive pushups (real ones) … and one pull-up!

Even if you want to stay in the same job, make sure you are growing — because the world is changing around you. Don’t ever get surprised that your job changed or went away.

Some other webinars to help you increase the value you deliver:

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3. Are you visible and credible?

We also talked about how to make sure you are recognized for adding value by the people who matter in your company and business.

We talked about how to manage what you are known for. Decide if you need a personal brand tune up. We also talked about how recast and yourself in your current company if you want to be considered for a different or bigger position.

Do a stakeholder review for yourself and your team and develop a relevant communication plan. (More on this in the January webinar).

There are a few other webinars to build your presence:

Executive Presence
Standing Out
Confidence and Your Personal Brand
Packaging and Positioning Yourself

4. How to tune your job to have more stuff you want in it.

Some important considerations here are:

Is your job giving you the experience you need?

Is your job fueling or draining your energy?

Does your boss have your back? Or are you on your own?

We talked about how to find and go after the experiences you want and need to advance. You need to know how to identify and volunteer for projects that support your bigger desired outcome.

Have conversations with your boss and mentors about your career.

Don’t leave what experience you get to chance. Help define it.

Other webinars about improving the quality of your workload:

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Decide and DO Something

Not everything. Not Nothing. Something.

Schedule 2 hours in the next several weeks to think about what you want to improve or gain in your career and life. Pick a partner to work with.

If you are thinking you are too busy to do something different, just remember — your choice is either to act or to not act. You will never get less busy.

If you want to create an improvement you need to schedule the time to do it.

Your Career Year of Action

An excellent resource I created to help manage your time and figure out what to do is the Career Year of Action Guide.

This is a wonderful tool for starting the year and setting and meeting your goals.

It helps you decide what you want to work on, and then stages out the actions you need to take each month over a year to make real progress on your career goals.

You can get the guide here.

If you want to do a deeper dive on some key topics I also offer workbooks (mini-courses with templates) on
Make More Time
Authentic Networking
Build Your Personal Brand

Or you can get all the workbooks at a discount, plus the career year of action guide, here.

A Permanent Improvement

People tell me that these resources along with membership are not only useful in working through the tough spots, but also help them create a permanent improvement in their career and life. That is pretty great. I am so happy to help.

Lastly, Thank You!

Thank you for reading my blog and helping me build my business. Thank you for sharing what I do with others. Thank you for giving my book RISE and memberships as holiday presents. I am truly grateful and honored by this.

Thank You.

I wish you much success and happiness in the new year!


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