Increasing Your Team's Performance

This month’s webinar was on Increasing Team Performance.

This is a useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Develop specific techniques to manage high and low performers.
  • Get some help on performance management issues.
  • Get better outcomes when delegating.
  • Be more confident having performance conversations.

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Get Better at Performance Management

Many leaders are uncomfortable with the process and conversations around performance management. Developing skills in this area is critical for every leader.

There are different techniques that work well for high, average, and low performers. We talked about how to deal with each in a purposeful way, and how to get the best outcome for the person and the business.

Delegating and Building Trust

Effective delegating, performance management, and trust go hand in hand.

Micromanaging doesn’t work, but how hands off can you really be? Sometimes it’s hard to feel confident when you delegate something important, and you are worried it won’t come out right.

It always best to start with trust. It makes people feel ownership. Trust builds motivation. and it fosters better outcomes.

We reviewed a specific technique that works really well work with each individual to create a framework to track progress, build confidence (for them and you) and get the best result.

We also talked about how to tune the approach for high, average, and low performers.


Often you need to delegate things you know how to do to people who don’t know how to do them yet.

We talked about the best way to teach people new skills so they feel real ownership of both the learning process, and the achievement of the outcomes. (And so they don’t feel like you are second guessing them all the time). This is a very effective way to build capability in your team over time.

Here’s what the webinar specifically covers:

Managing, Motivating and Delegating for Top Performance

We talked about:

  • How to really motivate top performers
  • The link between motivating, delegating and trust
  • How to encourage average performers without micromanaging
  • The best way to delegate when you need to teach the person what to do
  • Dealing with poor performers
  • Best ways to document performance measures, outcomes, and gaps
  • How to conduct performance conversations in general
  • and more….

Worksheets included

There are very useful worksheets for this webinar which include:

  • Stewardship: How to teach when delegating
  • Defining intermediate outcomes & measures
  • Performance conversation template for manager and employee

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