Delegating to Build Value

Every month I do a webinar on a topic of business leadership and personal effectiveness.

This month’s webinar was on Delegating to Build Value.

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This is a good webinar to download if you:

  • Are needing people in your team to think and work more strategically
  • Are trying to move your business forward, but some of your people are stuck
  • You are not as good at delegating as you need to be
  • You want to train your managers to delegate better and think about succession

Re-define Delegation

Delegating is not just about giving work to someone else, it’s about making everybody better.

Think about delegating as teaching and developing, as building capacity.

Think of delegating as increasing team and individual performance over time.

Bottom line: Delegating builds real value in your business.

Here’s what the webinar covers:

How to use delegating to:

  • Create opportunities for people throughout your organization to deliver more value
  • Make sure learning always happens when delegating
  • Invest in high performers and deal with low performers
  • Manage risk, potential failure, and time sinks, while letting people achieve and grow

Worksheets included

As part of this webinar, in the worksheets, I provided some templates to work from.

The worksheets include:
1. Intermediate Outcome templates:  Templates to identify ongoing measures to ensure consistent progress is being made.

2. A Delegation Checklist: A checklist of process steps to learn personally how to delegate better or to teach your managers better delegation skills.

Why this matters

Your team should always make you bigger than you are on your own.

Think about this: If you could delegate 100% of the work you currently have on your plate without risk, what would you do next? What higher value, more strategic thing would you work on once the distractions of your current work are gone?

Delegating = You need to give yourself a chance to do this higher value work.

If you don’t delegate well you are constraining the success of your organization to only ever be as good as you.
It’s huge missed opportunity.

But if you get all your people stepping up, and delivering at a higher level of value, you will be running a team that is not only delivering work, but getting better at what they do — so you’ll get a chance to do better too.

And you will be recognized for leading a team of high performers which is as important, if not more important, than getting known for delivering results.

(And by the way you’ll also deliver better results!)

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