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Most employee satisfaction surveys come back with the news that employees want more career development.

I have created a unique and cost effective program that you can roll out to a few, or hundreds (or thousands) of employees that delivers a substantive development experience to your employees -- with a super-easy rollout for you.

Based on my own experience growing my career through literally every level of an organization from student intern, to entry level engineer, to manager, director, VP and ultimately general manager and CEO, I offer practical advice for how to proactively manage opportunities, visibility, challenges and transitions.

This program inspires each employee to take ownership and control of their own development, which, let’s face it, is the only way a development program actually takes hold and produces results.

The content is delivered through my two books RISE and MOVE, as well as monthly Webinars and Coaching Hour conference calls with me. Employees can use this content on their own schedule and create their own career plan with the Career Year of Action Guide.

The benefit: your employees will feel that you have made a huge investment in their development -- and it does not require a huge investment!

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